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About Us

How We Started

We are a developing business and family, dedicated to learning about and being mindful of the world around us. We’ve inadvertently been creating this company for a few years but only in the last year have we truly found our feet and emerged into the world of holding stalls, attending events, online retail and so much more!

We could never, or still can’t sometimes, decide on the exact type of company we want to be and haven’t quite figured where we should be focusing our resources but one thing has rang true for us and on our journey through life we absolutely fell in love with Baltic Amber. And, well, here we are before you.

Our Products

Currently we specialize in Authentic Baltic Amber  jewellery, being available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. We also have a selection of mixed jewellery, containing Baltic amber and semi-precious stones, including rose quartz, amethyst and more. All of the amber we sell come presented with an authenticity card and free, first class, signed for delivery within the UK. For a limited time only our amber prices start from as little as £10.

We have a few staple products that have become the favourites over time, so we try our best to keep them well stocked but we love venturing into new territory. We like hearing direct from people so if you have any enquiries or you see something of ours you’d like to purchase out of stock, just message us at any of our locations; Facebook, Ebay or our own website and we’ll get back to you about getting it ordered!! We try to keep our social media up to date and often hold competitions, including the chance to win amber.

What Is Amber?

Amber is a very unique creation on this planet, coming from plant resin, mostly trees, millions of year ago, buried, fossilized and formed over this period. It has been a sought after commodity for many years (with its early uses being dated back to the Neolithic era) picking up largely with the Roman Empire and the creation of many trade routes through Eastern Europe. This is where most of it originates from. Amber is said to have many properties and has some lovely and fascinating folklore which I only wish we could go in to.

What Our Customers Are Saying

‘’Really lovely bracelet, my little girl is very happy and the packaging and certificate were all very nice too! Arrived so quickly. Thank you ‘’