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- We do not recommend any jewellery to anyone under the age of 3.

- All bracelets are recommended to be worn as anklets for those between the ages of 3-5.

- Adults should always be wary and supervise anyone of a young age using/wearing ANY jewellery or object that contains small parts

- Necklaces are not to be worn over night; they should be removed for your safety.

- All our Baltic Amber is natural; therefore it is made from resin which under pressure will shatter!

- Please note NONE of our products are for chewing, sucking or biting.

- None of our jewellery is designed to feel tight! If you ever feel the item is uncomfortable in any way we recommend it be removed as this can pose a risk.

- All Amber products are natural and handmade, every product is an individual and should be treated as such.


- Please note that some of our jewellery items have measurements, If they do please take note and measure BEFORE purchasing!

- All measurements are in CM.


- When measuring for a necklace ALWAYS measure with a 2 cm gap.

- For safety reasons we recommend the necklace NOT to be long enough to come over your chin to reach your mouth.


- When measuring for an anklet we suggest measuring in a standing position to enable the anklet to flex comfortably when walking/ moving.

- When using a tape or measured sting please leave space underneath for the tip of your finger, this is to ensure there is enough space for the item to move without falling off or feeling to tight and uncomfortable.

Please contact us for more information or any queries